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The dust laden gases are fed directly to the multi-element scrubbing zone.

Clean water is injected above the scrubbing zone. Acceleration of the gases and dust particles between the multi-elements, causes atomisation of the water droplets and the encapsulation of the dust particles by the water.

The cleaned gases pass through a moisture eliminator where the majority of the dirty water is separated from the cleaned gases.

The dirty water flows into a settling tank. The cleaned gases pass through the fan to the stack.

The residual dust content of the cleaned gases will be between 20 - 50 mg/m³.


The dust air gets through the spiral entry into the cylindrical part and is lead below by a twisting movement. By the centrifugal force the dust particles move to the wall of the cyclone, form strands and get into the dust discharge chamber. A rotary valve seals below the complete interior and discharges the arisen dust.
The air separated from the dust flows radially to the outlet pipe.

Cyclone type ZA S 15,0

Cyclone type ZA-H 15,0

Cyclone type ZA-N18

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Photo: Manfred Zimmermann for ALSEN