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The INTENSIV- JET- Filter is a dust collector with a fully automatic compressed air cleaning system with 2-stage injectors.

During the filtration of the waste gases, the dust is deposited onto the external surfaces of the filter sleeves, which are made from high performance needle-felt.

High efficiency two-stage injectors clean the filter sleeves continuously and automatically at intervals of between 1- 10 minutes with pulses of compressed air at pressures of 5 - 6 bar, with a pulse duration of 0,1 - 0,2 secs.

The compressed air enters the "COANDA" ANNULAR GAP injector radially and leaves it in an axial direction.

Large quantities of air are therefore drawn in through the 1st and 2nd stage of the injector, which reverses the flow of air through the filter media and cleans the dust off filter sleeves.

Round filter type R
Standard design with lower dirty gas inlet.

Round filter type RB
Bunker filter for fitting direct onto a silo.

Round filter type RT
Round filter with tangential dirty gas inlet.

Round filter type RZ
Round filter with cyclone separator for high dust loads and abrasive dusts.

Round filter type RK
Filter head for installation in a housing or silo.

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Photo: Manfred Zimmermann for ALSEN