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Hans-Albert Färber GmbH
P.O. Box 800 351
D-21003 Hamburg

Phone: +49/40/721603
Fax: +49/40/7246277

High quality technical products of German and European Origin:

Special load cells

Cable clamped load cell for lifting applications
Adaptable on steel cables from 5mm to 30mm diameter
Standard nominal load appliable (FS) : 1000kg to 5000kg
Linearity + repeatability error : < 1% FS
Nominal output : 1 mV/V
Overload capacity : 600% FS
Keeps the cable in its original state, doesn't affect security coeficient
Mainly used together with electronic load limiters on cranes

For high frequency load and force measurements
Available capacities (FS) : 0...+60g (GM2), -30...+30g (GM3)
Fully replaces models UC2 and UC3 developped by Gould-Statham®
Nominal output : 12 mV/V (+/-20%)
Combined error : < 0,25% FS
Mainly used in medical research and pharmacology
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Photo: Manfred Zimmermann for ALSEN

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